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We help life insurance brokers develop a bulletproof in-house lead generation strategy and stop relying on 3rd party lead generators and affiliates 👏

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We get it – cashflow and profitability are the two most important metrics in business. We’ve built several businesses, so we do understand. However, we think there’s one more – “lead flow”

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We are here to help.

Without leads there will be no sales, hence no cashflow and no profits. That’s why we’ve made it our mission to help businesses create consistent, predictable and scalable lead flow channels, so they don’t have to rely forever on external sources such as – affiliates, networks or 3rd party media buyers.

We Work Differently Because we're Built Differently.

Our goal is to help you build the bullet-proof foundation required to generate leads in-house and develop a short-term, mid-term and long-term strategy, so you don’t ever have to struggle for clients again, not today, not tomorrow, not in the future.

We respect the internet’s impact on businesses.

We evolve while the industry merges.

We scale the unscalable.

a shift is happening in the markets, worldwide...

Let’s face it, there’s a shift happening in the life insurance market, worldwide. Marketing strategies that worked well a year or two ago, barely work today and surely won’t work tomorrow. Business owners coming from the dot-com era are left behind and a lot of them can’t keep up with the fast-evolving pace of digital marketing.

Lead generation networks and honest affiliates producing volumes of high-quality leads are a myth of the past.

Buying leads from third parties is a nightmare with all of the regulations and quality control.

Everyone keeps competing for the same customer by copying other companies and the end-result is lower margins, less business and companies going bankrupt.

We know it well because we’ve been part of it for more than 13 years...

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