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Fully aligned and integrated brand strategy in a harmonious, consistent way across all channels so you can have more income and impact.

What we do

We create powerful and magnetic brands to help business owners grow their presence online so they can experience success, freedom and fulfillment!

What we do is differentiate your brand by making your consumers relate to you and want to create memorable moments by purchasing your products. 

More than 50% of customers prefer to buy products from brands they know and trust.

Branding is much more than a logo. It is the message you deliver. The ‘’where’’, ‘’when’’, ‘’how’’ and ‘’to whom’’ you communicate this message are the factors that give you a major competitive edge.

Through an effective brand strategy, identity design, and marketing, Leadergy will help you create awareness, trust, loyalty, and advocacy, becoming a truly sought-after brand.


If you want to stand out, it is important to know what you are up against. To identify all areas of opportunity and basic differentiators for effective positioning in the market, we conduct a thorough competition analysis, both website experience and digital marketing-wise. We also take a deep dive to uncover your values and mission, in order to choose the right strategic direction that is unique to the market and aligns with your business goals.


Define your audience! This is the only way to tailor their experience with your brand message! We outline your general target audience demographic and behavior to develop specific buyer personas that provide more detail about their needs, beliefs, values, way of living, pain points, e.t.c. There you are! We’ve got you the exact people you want to succinctly be speaking to, with your general brand communication. With the help of our team we will produce powerful and impactful messaging that grabs attention, raises emotion and captures the soul of your brand. 


We provide story-driven solutions! Speak to your audience in a way they can get you! We help define your brand voice, proposing the right style, point of view, and personality. We believe that powerful marketing consists of 3 important actions. Sharing an experience, having a never-ending conversation with the audience and telling a really good brand story. And your philosophy, values, and mission are the heart of this brand story. That’s why we stick to these pillars, to create clever, authentic and quality narratives that will increase your online visibility and help your target audience, like you, follow you, share you, and deeply connect with your brand.


We create brand style that differentiates you from the competition, spreading the right message to your consumers and creating a brand identity recognized by everyone. Following creative conception and discovery, we propose original logos, developing an identity system to include colors, typography, and icons tailored for your brand that will help you stay aligned with who you are and what you do. 

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